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Are there any new hardware/sizing needs regarding Information Broadcasting compared to SAP BW 3.x functionality?

An Information Broadcaster query is treated exactly like a normal query. Hence, there are no additional hardware requirements if you broadcast

queries that have been flown into the hardware calculations. If, however, there is a need for a significant number of additional broadcasting queries,

consider reviewing your sizing.

In addition, if you use Broadcasting not only via e-mail but also into the EP, this of course requires the additional installation of an J2EE Server with EP/KM.

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I plan to schedule the broadcast of a fixed number of documents on a regular base. How can I calculate the system requirements needed?

In order to find out your sizing needs you can use the Quicksizer Tool (SAPNET/quicksizer). The load caused by pre-calculation of queries must be

mapped to an adequate number of virtual users. Example: The load caused by pre-calculation of 100 queries in 2 hours can be simulated by 50

users of category "InfoConsumer" since by definition each InfoConsumer causes the load of one navigation step per hour.

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Is there a performance difference in accessing SAP NetWeaver BI Queries via onilne links (URLs) in a KM Folder or directly via a URL within a Web Browser?

There should not be any performance difference.

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What is important to know regarding J2EE memory consumption of Information Broadcasting scenarios?

It is recommended to allocate at least 1 GB heap size for the J2EE Engine. The lower the heap size the more significat becomes the time needed

for full garbage collection. Frequent full garbage collection should be avoided. As a rule of thumb, the J2EE engine should not spend more than

5% of it's CPU time on garbage collection.

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How do the broadcast channels E-mail and SAP EP KM Folders compare performancewise?

Time needed per broadcast is comparable for both channels with the possibility that e-mailing takes a bit longer. Pre-calculation takes

approximately the same time in both scenarios. When using the E-mail channel and additional time is needed to send out the e-mail via the Web

Application Server Mail API.

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