Role & User Repositories in SAP NetWeaver/SAP Application Environments - Best Practices

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Hartmut Goetze

On Thursday 16 December, Hartmut Goetze, an SAP NetWeaver Specialist, hosts the webinar titled Role & User Repositories in SAP NetWeaver/SAP Application Environments - Best Practices as part of the ongoing SAP NetWeaver Know-How Network Webinar Series.

Here's how Hartmut describes the webinar presentation:

"This session will provide a comprehensive introduction to identity management with SAP NetWeaver. Participants will learn about Central User Administration, LDAP directory integration, and the User Management Engine in SAP® Web Application Server and SAP® Enterprise Portal 6.0."

Replay Information: A recorded replay of this call will be available for approximately three months after the webinar. Access this recording by dialing the appropriate number and using the replay access code # 742461.

Toll-free: +1.800.475.6701 International: +1.320.365.3844


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Dial-in Information:

Date: Thursday 16 Dec 2004
Time: 11 a.m. EDT
Within the U.S., call: +1.888.423-3281
Outside the U.S., call: +1.612.332-0632
Meeting Name: SAP NetWeaver Know How Network Call

WebEx Information:

Topic: SAP NetWeaver Know-How Network
Date: Thursday 16 Dec 2004
Time: 11 a.m. EDT
Meeting Number: 742294993
Meeting Password: netweaver04 (lowercase)
WebEx Link:

About the SAP NetWeaver Know-How Employee and Partner Webinar Series

The SAP NetWeaver Know-How Network Conference series is driven by the SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Group (RIG), part of the SAP Development organization. The mission of the SAP NetWeaver RIG is to enable customers, employees, and partners to successfully implement the SAP NetWeaver solution. In addition to delivering the SAP NetWeaver Know-How Network Conferences, they are regular contributors to the SDN implementation forums.


The SAP Developer Network is not responsible for any changes to the webinar schedule. The webinar schedule may be changed or cancelled without prior notice.

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