Unification and Connectivity


Unification & Connectivity group is a part of the portal platform development. Relation Resolving, Drag & Relate, EP JCA Connector, Object Based Navigation and other powerful technologies are developing in the group.

Ori Assaraf is the development manager of 'Unification & Connectivity' group (a part of the portal platform development). In this role he is responsible for the definition and development of Relation Resolving, Drag & Relate, EP JCA Connector along with the derived connectors and Object Based Navigation. Ori joined SAP in 2001 through the acquisition of TopTier (where he was employed since 1997), and has held lead positions in unification development, working with both Java and Microsoft technologies.

Yair Vidal is leading the Java Unification platform and SAP connectors for R/3, BW and CRM.

If you have any "Relation Resolving", "Drag & Relate" or SAP connectivity question I have the answer for you.

Ilan Perez, also known as the "OBN guy", is leading the OBN & Connectivity framework in the 'Unification & Connectivity' group.

I am here for you. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any question!!!

Merav Simhi is the team lead for 'Non SAP Connectivity'. Her group is working on developing connectors to various non-applications. Currently, she and her team are working on connectors to Siebel, PeopleSoft, and Oracle Applications.

Julia Diskin is Quality Assurance Expert of ‘Unification and Connectivity’ group. Responsible for testing integration with Portal Platform of all groups’ technologies – Drag & Relate, OBN, Relation Resolving etc. 


The group consists of three developer teams:


  • Unification and Relation Resolving - Develops the Drag and Relate functionality, which automatically enforces proper relationships between multiple data sources.

  • Object Based Navigation - Develops the DQE functionality, a rapid query builder that can operate simultaneously across multiple, disparate data sources.

  • Non-SAP Connectivity - Develops connectors to various non-SAP applications. Currently the team is working on connectors to Siebel, PeopleSoft, and Oracle applications.