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This document describes the Event Logger tool given as a free source code setup together with the code source.

Event Logger is a tool that allows you to easily visualize all UI API events fired by the SAP Business One application. You can easily use this tool to analyze the different events fired depending on the user actions and observe the information given by each event; it can be very useful as a first step before specifying which events your add-on needs to manage.

By SAP Business One Solution Architects

10 Oct 2006


How to Install

Run the Setup.exe file in the Event Logger package and follow the setup instructions.

There is a version of Event Logger per each SAP Business One release to take advantage of the new events offered on each version, please install the one corresponding to your SAP Business One version.

How to Run

  1. Choose Start -> All Programs -> SAP Business One -> Development Tools -> SAP Business One Event Logger

  2. The Event Logger window will open and try to connect to the SAP Business One application running locally. If no SAP Business One application runs in the same machine you will receive an error message. No event can be logged if the connection to B1 application fails.

  3. You can Stop/Start logging the events by pressing the buttons Disconnect/Connect.

How it Works

The Event Logger tool listens for all events fired by the UI API interface and shows one line per each event in a .Net Grid. The information shown per each event depends on the event type. Per all events the same columns are shown, the information will be relevant or not depending on the event type.

The information shown per each event is:

  • EventType - Returns a value indicating the type of the handled event.

  • BeforeAction - Returns a boolean value specifying whether or not the application sent the event's before notification

  • Success - When ItemEvent.BeforeAction = False, returns a boolean value specifying whether or not the application handled the event successfully.

  • FormType - Returns a string specifying the type of the form getting the event (FormTypeEx).

  • FormCount - Returns the form number within the type.

  • ItemUID - Returns the item ID number for item events.

  • ColUID - Returns the column ID for matrix items only.

  • Row - Returns the item row for matrix items only.

  • FormUID Returns - The unique ID of the form in which the event occurred.

  • FormMode - Returns the form mode in the SAP Business One application

  • CharPressed - Returns the character that was pressed in the ItemEvent event.

  • InnerEvent - Returns a boolean specifying whether or not this event is internal.

  • ItemChanged - Returns a value specifying if an item was changed by the SAP Business One engines during the event process (is valid only when the Before_Action property is set to Off).

  • Modifiers - Returns a value specifying the pressed key in a et_KEY_DOWN event.

  • PopUpIndicator - Returns the row in a popup list when handling popup event.

If you need more information regarding events in the UI API please have a look to the DI API Help File, section “How to -> Handle Events”.

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Note: In order to be able to run this tool you need to have .NET Framework 1.1 version installed in your machine.

The EventLogger is given as a free source code and therefore there is no support by SAP for this tool.

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