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How can I set up SAPconnect in order to send SAP BW (3.0 – 3.5) alerts to Internet e-mail accounts?

You find the basis documentation under -> Documentation -> SAP NetWeaver.

Path: SAP Web Application Server 6.20 -> mySAP Technology Components -> SAP Web Application Server -> Base Services / Communication Interface (BC-SRV) -> Communication Interface (BC-SRV-COM) -> SAPconnect (BC-SRV-COM) Please also check SAP NetWeaver BI documentation under Reporting Agent -> Define Exceptions Setting -> Edit Follow-up Action: Alert Monitor Entry and Reporting Agent -> Define Exceptions Setting -> Edit Follow-up Action: Send Message.

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How can I access SAP BW (3.0 – 3.5) via the Internet? Where can I find information on this topic?

The customer needs to have an IP that external (Internet) users can get to. Without this their is no way that an external user will be able to connect to any system inside the firewall. The IP address must be a fully registered IP address (internet address).

The SAP NetWeaver BI system does not need to be on the server with this IP address. The server that has the IP address should probably be in the in the external firewall. This server should route authenticated (BW) traffic through the firewall into a DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) to a server that contains additional security software/hardware (reverse proxy, etc). This server should also have the SAP Web Dispatcher (see Web AS online documentation) on it. The Web Dispatcher would then route the traffic through the internal firewall to the SAP NetWeaver BI server.

The above architecture (minus the SAP Web Dispatcher) is normal Internet Infrastructure design and is not SAP dependant.

There is good online documentation on the SAP Web dispatcher in the SAP Web AS section ( Also there are some good information at the SAPNET alias NETWEAVER.

Also there was a good article on the use and configuration of SAP Web dispatcher in an issue of SAP insider. Please click here.

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How can I get an overview on Single Sign-On (SSO)? How can I enable it for SAP BW (3.0 – 3.5)?

SSO is possible with SAP NetWeaver BI as with any other SAP System. Please check the following documentation

A special documentation on SSO and SAP NetWeaver BI is not available as it is a general feature of the Web Application Server. You can also find further information under alias security.. For example, under the folder "Secure System Management" you find the document "Cookbook: Configuring SNC for the AGate/SAP System Connect". SNC is SAP's GSS-API which handles SSO.

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Which SNC products for data security are supported by SAP BW (3.0 – 3.5) Business Explorer?

The BEx tools support all SNC products that are supported by SAP GUI/RFC (Alias "security").

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Where can I get information on security relevant issues of the Web Application Server? (SAP BW 3.0 - 3.5)

Please send an email to the experts:

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How is the session management for BI Applications handled by the Web Application Server? (SAP BW 3.0 - 3.5)

There are two options for Session Management with SAP NetWeaver BI Web applications via WAS:

  • Session Cookie (cookie name: sap-contextid)

  • URL coding (session ID is contained in the URLs generated at runtime)

The URL coding is always used in the SAP Enterprise Portal (or workplace). Outside of the Portal, customers can force URL coding (and the forgoing of cookies) using the URL parameter &no_session_cookie=X. To do so, this parameter must be attached to the initial SAP NetWeaver BI URL.

Stateless SAP NetWeaver BI applications (URL-/template parameters) use a session (with one of the aforementioned Session Management options) until all the dynamically generated graphics have been generated by the Browser. Afterwards, this session is ended.

Note: Session Management is not uniquely regulated WAS-wide. For example, statefull BSP applications always use URL coding.

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