Data Consistency in SAP BW: All You Need to Know

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Data consistency is one of the most important issues in the realm of Business Intelligence. SAP Business Information Warehouse is already a high-performer in this field, but developers continue to make improvements. This article consolidates current information on this critical BI issue and provides a list of check-tools for resolving data consistency problems.


How to Check and Ensure Data Consistency

All information on data consistency issues is published in SAP Notes, which can be readily accessed via SDN, OSS, or SAP Service Marketplace. As an additional service to consultants, partners, and customers, they are compiled here, along with a list of check tools, to help troubleshoot data inconsistencies and gain accuracy within SAP BW.

The structure of this document is optimized to help in performing analysis of data consistency issues. The Content List at the end of this document consists of five parts, described here:

Content Description

  • Notes Checklist per Release: Below this heading, you can find a table of notes for each SAP BW release in maintenance. Within the tables, all available notes are listed and grouped by subject. For each note you will find information identifying which Support Package corrects the problem or on which Support Package level a preliminary correction can be implemented. The tables contain the last six Support Packages available in each case.

    These are indicated by specific symbols. A green flag means that the problem is corrected with this Support Package. A yellow exclamation mark means that the problem exists with this Support Package, but that there is still a preliminary correction available. Two red exclamation marks signify that the problem exists with this Support Package, and that the implementation of one or more Support Packages is necessary to correct the error. By choosing the corresponding note number, you will receive a short description that enables you to assess its relevance to the problem for your BW system.

  • Check Tools: Here you will find a list of check tools provided by SAP to monitor data consistency in SAP BW. In the notes related to the check tool, you will find a detailed description.

    In addition, the BW Consistency Check Guideline is a comprehensive document that describes the check tools. Reading these guidelines is strongly recommend before working with the check tools. It is located in SAP Service Marketplace under the alias /bw -->Data Consistency-->BW Consistency Check Guideline.

  • Consulting Notes/Collective Notes: This is a collection of helpful consulting notes and collective notes structured by functional areas.

  • Database-related Issues: This a table containing all notes regarding database-related issues sorted by BW releases. Below the table you will find short descriptions for the notes mentioned in the table.

    Important: Check the database-related issues before diving into the release-specific tables.

  • Note Details per Functional Area: Here you will find all notes mentioned in the "Notes List per Release," sorted by functional area.

How to Analyze a Data Consistency Problem

If a problem occurs, proceed as follows.

  1. Identify the Release and Support Package level of your system.

  2. Check the "Database-related Issues" area. If your problem is related to the database, please read the respective note in the notes list.

  3. If the problem is not database-related, check the table that contains all notes according to the release and SP level of your system. Take a look at the topics area of the list to find short descriptions of possible problems.

  4. Here you will also find information about the Support Package level necessary to implement a preliminary correction, and the number of the Support Package that solves the problem.

  5. If you find your problem listed here, click on the note number given in the table to find a more detailed description of the problem. From the description, you can jump to the OSS system to read the associated note.

Be sure to see the list of "Consulting Notes/Collective Notes."

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