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Why does SAP NetWeaver BI not support the IGS running under UNIX?

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  1. SAP BW 3.X uses the chart.ocx as design tool for charts.

  2. SAP NetWeaver BI uses the IGS (internet graphics service) in order to generate charts at runtime. This IGS runs under NT & W2K (see note 458731: IGS Main Note)

  3. In this note it is explicitly stated that the IGS only runs under UNIX from version 6.30 onwards. However, BW 3.5 will not support IGS under UNIX until IGS version 6.40.

  4. IGS under UNIX will be supported only with BW3.5 (IGS release 6.40).

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Do I need to use the IGS with BW 3.0?

IGS is used for the rendering of graphics (charts and maps) in BW 3.x Web Applications. It should be installed prior to converting your web templates from BW 2.x to BW 3.0. If you aren't using this functionality then you don't need to have an IGS installed.

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When I start a BW 3.x project on after July 1st 2003., what IGS should I install?

You should install the new IGS 6.30 version from the SAP Service Marketplace.

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When the IGS has a bug? In what version is this bug corrected?

Until June 30th all bugs will be corrected in IGS 6.20. From July 1st ongoing the bugs will be corrected in 6.30 beacuse this version is then available for all SAP NetWeaver BI customers. Only if customers need the correction for 6.20 it will be corrected in 6.20 as well. But normally there should be no need for this.

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If I want to be up-to-date with the newest IGS versions should I stick to IGS 6.20 or move to 6.30?

From July 1st ongoing you should move to IGS 6.30.

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