SAP SOAP Client Tool

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SAP SOAP Client is a graphical tool that enables the sending of ad hoc SOAP requests to any http(s) URLs. It is a convenient developer tool for testing and debugging the Web Services exposed by any http(s) server.

In addition to visual send and receive functions, SOAP Client supports:

  • Save and load SOAP requests from .xml files

  • https with mutual authentication using X509 certificates

  • Set of sample, ready to use UDDI v3 SOAP requests

  • SCC14N xml canonicalization and XML digital signature generation, for specific use against UDDI v3 compliant servers

Prerequisites: SOAP Client tool uses Java Web Start technology and can be executed on any platform where a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is running. You need the J2SE SDK 1.4.2 (or higher) or the J2SE JRE 1.4.2 (or higher). You can download the latest JVM version from the Sun Java website.

Installation instructions: Once you have installed the prerequisites, download the SAP SOAP Client Tool. Follow the Java Web Start prompts when installing:

  • Enter your proxy settings if prompted

  • Allow Java Web Start to create a shortcut icon to the application (Note: this small dialog box may be hidden behind main application window)

You can launch the application easily from the shortcut that is created on your desktop. Each time the shortcut is used, Java Web Start checks whether a new version of the application is available for download. If not, or if the source cannot be reached, the current (cached) version of the downloaded application is started.

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