BI Content 3.5.2: A Flexible Add-On Strategy

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Business Warehouse 3.5


Note: the BI Content Add-On is not a complete technology release.

With the release of SAP BW 3.5, you no longer need a delta upgrade of the Content Add-On portion of the SAP BW 3.5 Content technology release. The BI Content Add-On is automatically installed when you upgrade to SAP BW 3.5. It is also possible to upgrade from SAP BW 2.0B, 2.1C, and 3.0B to the BI Content 3.5.2 Add-On. For information about patching and possible upgrades, see SAP BI Content Add-On and Upgrades Strategies (PDF 555 KB).

19 Aug 2004


What's New in the BI Content 3.5.2 Add-On?

The BI Content 3.5.2 Add-On offers 58 new and improved BW Business Content scenarios in the following areas:

Cross-Application Solution

Industry Solution

• Customer Relationship Management

• Consumer Products

• Supplier Relationship Management

• Financial Services

• Supply Chain Management

• Healthcare

• Financials

• High Tech

• Human Capital Management

• Media

• Product Lifecycle Management

• Public Sector

• xApps

• Retail

• SAP Technology Platform

• Utilities

• Content Administration

• Automotive

For more detailed information about SAP Business Information Warehouse 3.5 and the BI Content 3.5.2 Add-On, see the BW Business Content List (PDF 1.5 MB).

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