A Shared Language for Business and IT (Business Process Management with SAP NetWeaver and ARIS)

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On Wednesday 3 March 2005, Thomas Volmering and Torsten Scholz host the webinar titled A Shared Language for Business and IT (Business Process Management with SAP NetWeaver and ARIS).

Thomas Volmering is the product manager for Business Process Management with SAP NetWeaver. He joined SAP AG in 2000.

Torsten Scholz is the responsible product marketing manager for ARIS Process Platform at IDS Scheer AG. He joined IDS Scheer AG in 1999.


Here's how Thomas and Torsten describe their webinar presentation:

"The efficiency of business processes is crucial for long-term corporate success. Organizations that want to survive in a competitive environment need transparent business models that can be adapted at any time. However, when the IT department takes a technical integration view of data, systems and interfaces, it does not help the business people understand how to optimize their processes. With a comprehensive perspective ranging from modelling to monitoring, Business Process Management (BPM) bridges the gap between business-management requirements and their IT implementation. SAP and IDS Scheer have joined forces to offer ARIS for SAP NetWeaver, a joint solution for comprehensive Business Process Management. Attend this webinar to learn more."

Benefits of attending this webinar:

  • Learn how business process integration can benefit your business

  • Learn how SAP NetWeaver enables IT and business process alignment

  • Learn how to leverage process know-how in SAP business applications.


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