Using BI Queries to Create and Adapt Analytic Dashboards

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With Visual Composer you can create attractive dashboard applications quickly and with minimal effort. The following examples and screen captures explain how to incorporate queries from SAP BI systems in order to create and adapt analytic dashboards.

By Amir Rubin
Product Manager
12 Oct 2006


Adapting an analytic dashboard with Visual Composer

In this example we start with an existing analytic dashboard that display a table and a chart, displaying information resulting from two BI queries. We open the model of the dashboard in visual composer and add two additional charts to the model. The steps in order to adapt the dashboard are:

  1. Opening the Visual Composer Model

  2. Searching for additional queries in the BI system

  3. Adding queries to the model

  4. Adding Charts to display the query results

  5. Configuring the chart parameters

  6. Rearranging the layout

Using predefined queries in the BI system the dashboard is adapted to display the additional information as required.

Using Nested iViews to build a dashboard in Visual Composer

In this example we use the nested iViews functionality in visual composer to quickly build the same dashboard from the previous example. By modeling several iView and defining them as Nested iViews, we can later use these iView to “assemble” new dashboards. As the varied report views were modeled beforehand, all that is required is selecting the Nested iViews we wish to use and arranging the layout according to our needs.

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