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RF Explorer is a tool for the KM repository framework, allowing you to quickly browse resources and display related information such as properties, ACLs, and active filters.

By Dieter Guendisch

22 Nov 2005


RF Explorer

RF Explorer is a tool for quickly browsing all attached repositories in a given KM installation. It allows you to obtain information such as resource properties, application properties, and ACLs.

It is intended as a tool for support purposes and also for developers of KM components – especially for those developing their own repository manager – offering a “low-level-view” of the repository framework.

The user interface contains a navigation pane allowing you to browse the repositories, a pane containing a detailed view that provides information about the resource currently selected, and, at the bottom, a status pane that provides information about the time the last request took. Two time measurements are provided:

  • Complete: This is the complete time the request took, starting with a click in the browser and ending with the response being received by the browser. Thus, this time also includes the network roundtrip.

  • Server side: This measurement is the time from the point where the RF Explorer implementation is called by the servlet engine to the point when the RF Explorer has finished constructing the response. Thus, this time can be defined as: Server-side time = Complete time – (network roundtrip time – engine dispatcher time)

Currently the following detailed views are provided:

1. Properties: Shows all resource properties and application properties for the resource currently selected. By clicking the edit button, you can also choose to disable any property filters that may have been configured.

2. ACL: Shows the access control list for the resource currently selected and the ACLs for their parent folders.

3. Content: Shows the content or even the unfiltered content of the resource currently selected. Provides the ability to download the content as well (especially useful for binary or zipped content).

4. Repository Manager: Shows the repository manager’s class name, the repository services attached to it, and the active repository filters for the repository of the resource currently selected.

5. Event Broker: Shows all listeners and the event types they are registered for.

6. System Details: Shows information about all nodes when running a cluster scenario.


1. Download the RF Explorer as a PAR file from SDN. If this file has the suffix ".zip" please rename it manually to ".par". This file can be deployed using the portal archive uploader, which can be accessed using this URL:

http://<host>:<port> /irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/PortalAnywhere.Go!

2. After uploading the par file, you can access the RF Explorer by navigating to:

http://<host>:<port> /irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/

Since the RF Explorer is built using JSP technology, you should take into account that the first call to a page or detailed view in the RF Explorer triggers its compilation, which may take a few seconds depending on the hardware your portal runs on. Each subsequent request should then be significantly faster.

RF Explorer is compatible with EP6 SP2, NetWeaver 04, and later releases. Please note that for EP6 SP2 a new security zone named "" will be generated. You can adapt the permissions for this zone to your needs. For NetWeaver 04, the aforementioned security zone already exists and need not to be modified.

Author Bio

Dieter Guendisch is a developer at SAP and currently working on various aspects of the repository framework.

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