Analyzing the Print Based Adobe Form Layout Using ABAP Program

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In the Adobe form layout there might be lot of fields and each field contains different properties. Its takes lot of time to analyze all the fields at the time of quality check. This program lists out field properties as ALV list.

By Pavan Kumar Meda

05 Dec 2006



On my experience, I have seen most of the developers in the layout designing making the regular mistakes in naming conventions, alignment issues, font, font size, accessibility priorities and its values, access type, indents, margins, height and width, indent and spacing, margins, country locale, display patterns and default values. Because of these mistakes, the number of iterations increases for rework on the forms.

As per the quality process it takes time to check the property for each field in the layout. My program lists out all the fields in the layout and its properties as a list with red flags which helps the developer can correct the mistakes and also helps the reviewer to look the same. I have developed this program in ABAP. This program will give information about fields, static texts, radio buttons and check boxes as we are using only these elements in the development. This will give the information for the print based forms developed in designer 7.1. This can be enhanced for the sub form properties and also for the interactive forms.


My program requests the active form name and after execution it validates all the fields (not interactive fields like list box….) for font, size, accessibility priorities…. And display as ALV list.

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