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How is user management configured in an external-facing portal?

User management is configured just as in a standard portal implementation, except that anonymous users are given access to content.

In an external-facing portal, administrators must do the following:

  • Enable anonymous users by opening the portal to the internet and configuring the portal to accept anonymous users. Anonymous users can access the portal with the

    By default, anonymous users are given access to the portal.

  • Map anonymous users to a specific user defined in the portal.

    Guest is the default anonymous user, and this user is part of the Everyone, Anonymous Users and Guests groups.

  • Assign content to this user, or to the Anonymous Users group.

  • Map registered users to groups.

    By default, self-registered users are assigned to the Everyone group. You can configure the system to assign registered users to one or more specific groups.

  • Assign content to the groups to which self-registered are assigned.

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