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SAP Business One Test Composer is an automation testing tool for SAP Business One. It provides a simple way for mainly record/replay scenarios for testing purposes but can also be employed in many other use cases. This tool leverages on the well known and established SAP Business One SDK, on the .NET platform and on Microsoft Visual Studio .NET environment

03 Nov 2006



The SAP Business One SDK is a very powerful tool that gives plenty of capabilities to interact with the B1 business logic and with the B1 application itself. Using all these capabilities programmers can modify the standard behavior and user interface of B1 by using standard development environments.

As SAP Business One desktop is based on proprietary technology; automation testing tools for this technology are then necessary to align to SW development best practices and ensure high quality solutions at a reasonable cost.

SAP Business One Test Composer (B1TC) covers this necessity by providing the following functionality:

  • Record a sequence of operations on the B1 desktop together with a set of checking points,

  • Save it in some persistent format,

  • Generate an STD (Software Test Document) in plain English,

  • Replay a saved sequence while verifying the satisfaction of the defined checking points in real time or scheduled.

B1TC can be then a very valuable support during several phases of a solution lifetime, from the initial unit tests, to regression tests, integration and support.

Figure 1: Main Window of SAP Business One Test Composer.

A setup will allow you to easily install and run the application; you can have a look to the following Help File link to see the complete list of features covered by this tool. Note that you can also download the source code.

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Note: In order to be able to run this tool you need to have installed in your machine:

  • SAP Business One 2005A SP01 version or superior

  • .NET Framework 2.0 version.

Please note that SAP Business One Test Composer is delivered within the SDN license structure and therefore no support is provided.

We have created a SDN Blog for B1TC. This blog lists the latest news and known limitations of the current version of the tool. You can also use this blog to give us feedback, we are interested in your opinion!

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