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What memory configuration do my frontend clients require to run the SAP BW 3.x frontend?

For Windows 2000 clients, you should have in minimum 128MB (recommendation: 192MB); for Windows XP you should have in minimum 192MB. For further information see note 321973.

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I need reliable infomation about the possible platform and database combinations to install a SAP NetWeaver BI for my customer - how can I find them?

Enter alias "/platforms" and choose "Availability for SAP BW" from the navigation tree to get current information about database and platform combinations for the different SAP NetWeaver BI releases.

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Can SAP NetWeaver BI be installed on the same database together with other mySAP components (MCOD-support)?

MCOD is released with restrictions for SAP BW 3.x. Please see this document for more details: SAP BW 3.x and MCOD

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Which Web Browsers are supported by BEx Web?

Generally every web browser is supported but available functionalities my differ depending on the browser type and release.

For details please check notes:

  • 338532 for Web Browser compatibility of SAP BW 2.0B and 2.1C

  • 494689 for Web Browser compatibility of SAP BW 3.0A and higher

Please note that the Web Application Designer always requires an Microsoft Internet Explorer installation (at least 5.5 SP2) on the same machine. This is only needed for the design of Web Applications and NOT for end users of web applications.

For further information on Browser support for NetWeaver please check the PAM .

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Which versions of Microsoft Office are supported by SAP NetWeaver BI Business Explorer (BEx)?

Please check out the integration matrix "BEx Compatibility of Office Products".

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Does the SAP BW 3.0 Administrator Workbench support SAP Web & SAP Java GUI?

SAP BW 3.0 is not actively supporting Web & Java GUI or investing into making the SAP NetWeaver BI Administrator Workbench run 100% on Web & Java GUI. However, general Backend (Basis/WAS) and Adminstrator Workbench functionality is working via these GUIs. Customers may use Web & Java GUI if the amount of functionality that works meets their requirements.

The following restrictions for the Admin Workbench are known today : Process Chains, InfoSet maintenance and Dataflow diagram.

There are also general basis restrictions concerning these GUIs, e.g. Drag & Drop is not supported by the Web GUI. Basis notes dealing with this topic are e.g. notes 314568 & 419297.

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Does the Business Explorer (BEx) Suite support any other platform but Microsoft Windows?

BEx components such as the Web Application Designer & BEx Analyzer only support Microsoft Office on Microsoft Windows. However endusers can access a light version of the Query Designer via a web browser. They can also access SAP NetWeaver BI Queries and Web Applications via web browsers running on multiple platforms. For details check the FAQs:

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How can SAP NetWeaver BI and MS Analysis Services be integrated?

SAP supports 4 ways of integrating MS Analysis Services cubes into SAP NetWeaver BI :

  • MS Analysis Services as data source

    MS Analysis Services can provide cube data as a flat file which can be uploaded into SAP NetWeaver BI .

  • MS Analysis Services as a remote InfoProvider

    It is possible to define an external MS Analysis Services cube as a remote InfoProvider which accesses the data from the cubes in MS Analysis Services at query runtime. Customers can implement this currently in a pilot project which you can apply for with BI Product Management.

  • MS Analysis Services and SAP NetWeaver BI Open Hub Service

    SAP NetWeaver BI InfoCubes can be extracted through the Open Hub Service to a file or DB table on MS SQL Server. MS Analysis Services can pick the data and store it in cubes.

  • MOLAP Bridge

    SAP NetWeaver BI uses the MS Analysis Services MOLAP capabilities as a sort of DB feature to improve performance for specific scenarios. Using aggregates on a MS SQL Server database/MS Analysis Services, they can be defined either as ROLAP or MOLAP (cube in MS Analysis Services). This MS Analysis Services integration is completely transparent; the SAP NetWeaver BI frontend interface looks exactly like in the ROLAP case. The InfoCube itself is still stored in a relational table in MS SQL Server; the aggregates are stored as cubes in MS Analysis Services. These cubes cannot be accessed directly by any 3rd party tool; you have to use the interfaces of the SAP NetWeaver BI OLAP processor.

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