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Which are the parameters to add user & password information to a Web Application URL?


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How can I achieve an anonymous log on for web applications with SAP NetWeaver BI 3.0?

  1. Call Transaktion SICF

  2. Select service sap/bw/BEx

  3. Double-click on BEx

  4. The "Create/Change Service" dialog box appears

  5. On the "Service Data" tab page, enter anonymous logon data

  6. This logon data is valid for all logons/calls using the ".../sap/bw/BEx?..." service

You can assign specific roles and authorizations to this user, through which only specific reports can be called.

For detailed information please check note 516884.

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Can I use HTTP Compression to speed up my Web Applications?

SAP NetWeaver BI Web Applications cause a relatively high network load during an uncompressed transfer.

If you are running SAP BW 3.0B Web Applications / Web Queries you should switch on HTTP Compression, especially if you experience a slow network connection in WAN scenarios.

You can reduce the network load by using compressed transfer which is especially helpful for large datasets (such as in the case of SAP NetWeaver BI Web Applications, for example).

If you are running a SAP BW 3.0B System with Support Package 5 or less, please apply the notes 550669 and 553084.

From Support Package 6 onwards you will only need to apply the note 550669.

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Where can I find documentation on Customer-/SAP-Exits in SAP NetWeaver BI for variables?

Query Design: BEx Query Designer -> Defining New Queries -> Using Variables: The Variable Wizard and the Variable Editor, then paragraphs Variable Types and Overview of Variable Types and Processing Types (Column: Customer-Exit resp SAP-Exit).

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Can we change the standard look & feel of a web query?

Yes, you can change the template 0QUERY_TEMPLATE. Please check this documentation:

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Where can I find documentation on our web solutions that goes beyond creating web-templates using the Web Application Designer and making settings there? For example, where can I find documentation on how to create stylesheets? How to make a stylesheet the default stylesheet?

Please check the documentation under:

Storage of Stylesheets and Icons

Determining Web Template Properties

SAP BW Stylesheets

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How can I create Buttons and TabStrips in BI Web Applications?

Via the WEB API you can easily create buttons and Tabstrips with the help of an SAP_BW_URL command and standard stylesheet classes.

Please check the following presentation.

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How can I automatically terminate the users' session in the SAP NetWeaver BI system when they close a web application or navigate to another URL?

In the Web Application Designer, change the web template property 'Automatic Session Management' to 'Active'.

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