Usage of Auto-ID Infrastructure Core Services: Web Dynpro Example Applications

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Web Application Server 6.40


This code example contains two Web Dynpro applications that use AII Core Services.

By Christopher Cedro

02 Jun 2006


How to Use


  • SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure 4.0 Service Pack 3

  • SAP J2EE Engine 7.0 Service Pack 7


  1. Unzip the file into your SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS) workspace folder.

  2. Import the project into your NWDS workspace.

  3. Deploy the applications onto your J2EE Engine.

There are two WebDynpro applications in the attached .zip file. One is for commissioning RFID tags. The second is for monitoring a document’s loading status.

Before you run either of these two applications, it is necessary to do some customizing. Each user of the application must maintain a user parameter /AIN/DM_DEVGRP_ID in their user profile. This parameter is used to populate the device group in the two applications.

In the Tag Commissioning application, you choose what type of object you would like to commission tags for (item, case, or pallet). In each scenario, you must enter the number of tags you would like to commission. In the scenario for items or cases, you would then be required to enter a GTIN of a product. In the scenario for pallets, a company prefix will be retrieved from the device group. If an RFID printer is set up, then tags will be printed. Otherwise, the only way to know this works is through the Observation Search transaction in the Auto-ID Cockpit.

The second application monitors the loading status of a document. Upon login, the application will read the currently assigned document to the pre-determined device group. If no document is assigned, then the user can enter a delivery document number and press the Enter key. The current loading status for this document will be displayed. You can use the Auto-ID Test Tool to simulate loading cases and pallets of the required products in the document.

Author Bio

Christopher has been a developer in SAP for more than six years. He has worked on numerous projects such as RosettaNet, Flexible Manufacturing, and now for the past two years Auto-ID Infrastructure. For the past three-plus years, Christopher’s development focus has been in WebDynpro application development.

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