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This article provides relevant ISVs an introduction to the ICC Forums on SDN.

By Mustafa Saglam
Solution Architect, Integration and Certification Center – SAP Labs, Palo Alto
04 Apr 2006


If you are one of the many ISVs who completed a certification project with the SAP Integration and Certification Center (ICC), I am sure you already know that in the ICC we do a pretty good job of supporting our ISVs. What you might not know however is that each year we complete hundreds of projects globally with a number of consultants that is less than the sum of your fingers and toes. If this comes to you as a surprise, let me also mention that we not only complete such a high number of projects but also achieve a high satisfaction rating year after year.

In an effort to improve our already successful ISV support process in ICC, we are now happy to announce the ICC Forums. ICC Forums is composed of about twenty individual forum topics based on different integration areas. Instead of sending an email to an ICC consultant directly, ISVs now will be able to search the existing postings and if they cannot find the answer for their question, they will be able to post it into the relevant forum.

At first this might not seem very beneficial. However, if you consider the limited availability of your designated ICC consultant, with the forums you will not only benefit from the global availability of ICC consultants but also other experts in the SDN community – practically for 24x7. In ICC we believe that many of our ISVs will benefit from the forums at a rate that will increase as the forums get more and more posts.

What about confidentiality? We certainly respect to that and obliged to satisfy. Therefore any questions that might contain confidential information should still go to your designated ICC consultant directly and your consultant will handle it with the same attention as before.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support to make the ICC Forums a winner!

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