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ALM210 CTS - It's One Tool to Control Your Changes

CTS, CTS+, central CTS - you might have heard of one or all of these terms and might have asked yourself how all of this fits together or whether SAP invented yet another tool. It is all one! CTS - the classical way for managing transport through your ABAP system landscapes - has been enhanced to support you with transporting more: SAP NetWeaver Java objects are in, SAP BusinessObjects Lifecycle Manager is connected, and there are options to connect your own applications. You can control the transport of your changes very easily by combining changes for different applications in one collection. CTS knows what has to go where, you know what has to be in a unified transport. Several demos will give you an overview for examples of how to make sure that all the changes that you did in the development portal arrive in you productive system, how SAP BusinessObjects solutions are used with CTS and how you can control and manage all of this by the help of change management tools.

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Duration: 00:53:10

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