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ALM113 Large SAP Systems, Performance References and Load Testing

The larger an SAP system, the more care needs to be taken to ensure good performance, for end users as well as for batch jobs. Many customers approach SAP to ask for performance references to help them understand feasibility and pitfalls. Especially in a global context many customers consider moving their system to a single global instance where users connect to one system (nearly) 24 hours while at the same time batch jobs and maintenance windows need to be scheduled. This lecture will answer questions such as: How can you anticipate the performance behavior of custom coding? Is SAP software able to process hundreds of thousands of customer order line items per day, several thousand concurrent users, and two-digit terabytes of data storage? The lecture will include many examples from actual installations and high volume tests. Because efficient load testing prior to going live is part and parcel of an efficient SAP implementation, we will also provide you with methodological best practices.

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