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SOA101 What You Need to Know About SAPs Technology Portfolio - A Comprehensive Introduction (Chinese)

This session's goal is to demystify the SAP technology portfolio and provide practical, marketing-free answers to your questions about SAP`s technology offering. Learn about what SAP NetWeaver and the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio are and where they came from. This session provides a technically-focused, comprehensive overview of the now combined technology portfolio of SAP NetWeaver and SAP BusinessObjects. We will also review how the two platforms are being leveraged within SAP solutions now and in the future.
本讲座的宗旨是揭开SAP技术的神秘面纱,就与SAP技术相关的问题提供最切实的答案.你可以从中了解到SAP NetWeaver和SAP BusinessObjects技术的总体情况及其历史渊源.本讲座以技术为核心,综合介绍了目前SAP NetWeaver与SAP BusinessObjects的技术组合.我们还将探讨在SAP解决方案中综合利用这两个平台的现状与前景.

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