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SIM101 Update on SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (Chinese)

Identity management across heterogeneous environments is a challenge for any organization. Get an update on SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.1 and learn how you can leverage the solution to provision users in accordance with their business roles. Also, get an overview on supported processes like password management, self services, and approval workflows.
跨越异构环境的身份管理对任何机构来说都是一项挑战.通过本讲座,你将了解到SAP NetWeaver身份管理7.1的最新进展,以及如何利用该解决方案,根据各用户的业务角色不同来分配不同的身份权限.此外,你还可以了解到相关流程,如密码管理、自助服务和审批过程的大致情况.

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