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SIM100 SAP Security Services - Overview (Chinese)

"This presentation provides insight on how to keep information safe using SAP Security Services which you can use as self-services. The session provides a straightforward, efficient way to make and keep your SAP systems secure. SAP Security Services cover all phases of the software lifecycle.

    • Setup: Run SAP Standard for secure end-to-end solution operations
    • Handover into Production: Security Optimization Self-Service
    • Operations & Optimization: Security checks with Early Watch Alert self service including checks for required security-related SAP Notes

本讲座深入探讨了如何以自助方式,通过SAP Security Service确保信息的安全性.你将了解到一种直接高效的方式来确保SAP系统的安全性.SAP Security Service覆盖了软件生命周期的各个阶段.

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Duration: 01:00:00

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