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UP106 SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Overview, Customer References, and Partner Demos (Chinese)

Mobility provides companies a multitude of business benefits, which can range from providing incremental productivity improvements to redefining your business processes. SAP NetWeaver Mobile is the platform for SAP's enterprise mobility. The platform, which can ensure that SAP is available on any device, meets all challenges of enterprise mobility. Participate in this session to learn more about SAP NetWeaver Mobile, how customers have adopted the platform, and also get to see a few interesting solutions developed by partners.
移动技术为各公司带来了多种商业利益:从生产效率改进,到重新定义业务流程.SAP NetWeaver Mobile就是SAP企业移动解决方案的技术平台.该平台可确保在任何设备上都能运行SAP软件,从而成功应对企业移动领域的所有挑战.参加此讲座,你将会对SAP NetWeaver Mobile有更多了解,并能看到客户们如何利用这一平台,以及合作伙伴开发的一些有趣的解决方案.

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