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BPM103 Building Process-centric Applications with SAP NetWeaver (Chinese)

Packaged business processes shipped with the SAP Business Suite cover a wide range of standard corporate processes and deliver efficiency for customers. However, process extensions and composite processes integrating different applications often create differentiating value and business process effectiveness. SAP NetWeaver provides an integrated platform for building and running process-centric applications in an SAP landscape. Based on real world examples, the presentation outlines how SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management, in combination with SOA, allows business process experts and developers to create and manage process extensions and composite applications. A roadmap completes the overview.
SAP商务套件中打包的业务流程覆盖了大量的标准企业流程,为用户们带来效率.然而,通过集成若干不同的应用程序,进行流程扩展和流程组合,则能带来更多价值和效率.SAP NetWeaver提供了集成平台,在SAP系统布局中建立和运行以流程为中心的应用程序.基于实例,本讲座概括介绍了业务流程专家和开发员们如何通过 SAP NetWeaver 业务流程管理(SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management)与SOA的结合,创建和管理流程扩展和组合应用.除概览之外,我们还将列出产品路线图.

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