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BI300 Best Practice Experiences for Smooth SAP NetWeaver MDM Implementations (Chinese)

This sessions talks about challenges often experienced in SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM) implementation projects. Besides the explanation of "technical" topics like Multithreading, Locking, and Scalability, there are also "application"-specific topics like Matching, Import Steps, and Syndication Steps discussed, and also data modeling recommendations are provided. All of this is given with the purpose of making your own implementation project smoother as well as providing an understanding of the internal architecture of SAP NetWeaver MDM.
本讲座介绍了SAP NetWeaver主数据管理(SAP NetWeaver MDM)实施项目中常见的挑战.除了针对一些“技术”话题,如多线程、锁、可扩展性等,本讲座还将涉及“应用”层面的话题—如匹配、导入步骤、导出步骤,以及数据建模的推荐方法.具备了这些知识,你将对SAP NetWeaver主数据的内部架构有更清楚的了解,并能够更加顺畅地进行项目实施.

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