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ALM113 Technical Operations - Overview (Chinese)

Technical operations addresses all technical aspects of SAP systems management during the operations phase of the application management lifecycle. This includes all aspects of technical monitoring, technical administration, and IT reporting of SAP systems. Within technical monitoring the upcoming developments of E2E Monitoring and Alerting, End-User Experience Monitoring, and E2E Reporting will be covered. In addition, learn how administration tasks can be put in the context of a process flow and how SAP will further standardize, centralize, and automate systems operations tasks with the help of SAP Solution Manager.
系统运营涵盖了应用程序生命周期中的运营阶段里SAP系统管理的各个技术层面.其中包括SAP系统的技术监控、技术管理和IT报告.本讲座将涵盖端对端监控和预警(E2E Monitoring and Alerting)、终端用户体验监控(End-User Experience Monitoring)和端对端报告(E2E Reporting)等内容.此外,你还可以在本次讲座中了解到如何将管理任务放在流程场景中,以及SAP如何在SAP Solution Manager中进一步实现系统和运营任务的标准化、集中化和自动化.

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