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ALM109 Central Quality and Transport Management (Chinese)

For effective quality management, organizations need an integrated and consistent change process. In this session, you will learn about change management tools provided in SAP Solution Manager. You can find out how transports can be managed in a harmonized way across technology stacks and how all of this builds one pillar of SAP's application lifecycle management now and in the future. More and more applications will be enabled for these tools and processes. One example for the near future is SAP BusinessObjects. A central transport mechanism is the baseline to synchronize changes across applications. On top, quality gates will allow you to control, analyze, and document the quality of changes.
为实现高效的质量管理,企业需要一套整合的、且协调一致的变革流程.在本讲座中,你将了解到SAP Solution Manager提供的一系列变革管理工具,并学会如何在各层技术架构上管理软件变更传输,进而为SAP应用程序生命周期管理奠定基础.越来越多的SAP应 用程序将包含这些工具和流程,SAP BusinessObjects就是其中一例.软件变更传送中央管理机制是各应用软件实现同步变革的基线.在此基础上,你可以对变革的质量进行控制、分析 和记录.

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