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ALM106 What IT Professionals Need To Know about SAP Enhancement Packages

SAP enhancement packages represent a new software delivery strategy that allows you to get innovations on top of SAP ERP 6.0 without the need for fully upgrading your current release. With SAP enhancement packages, the methodology for implementing new functionality has significantly changed. This presentation outlines the basic ideas of the new concept and the implementation procedure for SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP. Getting familiar with these procedures will help you to minimize implementation efforts.
SAP增强包提供了一种新式的软件交付策略,从而使你可以在SAP ERP 6.0上进行创新,而无须对目前的版本进行完全升级.SAP增强包大大改变了新功能的实施方法.本讲座概括介绍了增强包的基本理念,以及SAP ERP增强包的实施过程.了解这些过程将有助于最大限度地降低实施成本.

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