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ALM112 Business Process Analysis and Monitoring

During this session you will learn how Business Process Analysis & Monitoring within Enterprise Support helps to optimize the return on your investment in the SAP ERP application, by identifying optimization potential for your core business processes. You will learn what kind of errors/problems could be identified by analyzing customer systems. The benefits of this service are the following and should all help lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO): Allows internal benchmarking of different organizational units, e.g. sales organizations or manufacturing plants; Learn in which organizational areas you could speed up and streamline your most critical business processes or improve service levels; Find out if you might need to train your end-users to better follow intended procedures; and Improve your daily operations. You will also learn how the Business Process Analysis can be a good starting point for setting up Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager.

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Duration: 00:44:50

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