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ALM211 Modern Network Technologies for SAP Applications

How are end-users connected to the SAP applications? Over a network of course, but nowadays networks need to provide SAP applications much more than just connectivity. Many different forms of security, WAN acceleration, support for local high availability as well as longer distance datacenter failover, access control, and more make it already important that application and network groups in IT work closely together. Starting now, trends in virtualization, cloud computing, and green IT can only be achieved through close end-to-end network application optimization and operation. A number of industry leading network vendors have been cooperating with SAP in SAP ecosystem programs like the Enterprise Services Community and the SAP Co-Innovation Lab for the past few years. In this presentation we will give an overview on how modern network technologies provide reliability, security, and performance for SAP applications from the network side.

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Duration: 00:41:39

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