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ALM116 Upgrading to SAP Business Suite 7

SAP has delivered on its promise to address the end-to-end process solutions and continuous innovation with minimum disruption by launching SAP Business Suite 7 and the SAP enhancement package concept. It's important to understand how to upgrade existing SAP applications to SAP Business Suite 7. This presentation will give an insight on the technical upgrade aspects, but also will introduce a new upgrade service: quick upgrade analysis for SAP Business Suite. This service will help customers get high level estimates, timelines, and dependency issue for upgrading their entire SAP landscape to SAP Business Suite 7. Key learning points: 1. Understand what SAP Business Suite 7 is and its high level benefits 2. Understand the quick upgrade analysis for SAP Business Suite 3. Understand functional dependency as part of a technical upgrade

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Duration: 00:49:15

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