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LCM101 Archiving, Retention Management, Retention Warehouse - Overview of the ILM Solution from SAP

In this session you will learn how the three main components of the new Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solution from SAP support you in your end-of-life data and system decommissioning strategies. ILM from SAP builds on traditional data archiving functions to provide you with retention policy management and retention warehousing offerings. We will give an overview of the architecture of the new ILM solution and introduce you to the different tools involved for retention policy management, legal case management, and on-demand reporting on data from decommissioned systems. Focus will also be placed on how ILM-aware storage partners round off the complete ILM story, and the resulting benefits in terms of less data redundancy, reduced TCO, and higher transparency. Find out what you can do now to lay the groundwork for the new ILM solution from SAP.

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Duration: 01:00:01

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