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COMP209 News in ABAP - Concepts to Further Increase the Power of ABAP Development

ABAP-based development is renowned for its power, efficiency, and simplicity. To retain this high standard, it's necessary to keep pace with the demand originating from the current technological progress. This lecture will provide you with an overview of the ABAP language and ABAP workbench innovations that come with SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.11. Be prepared to hear about things you might not even have dreamed of, e.g. SAP JCo 3.0, convenient remote debugging, layer-aware and even automated debugging, new performance and ABAP trace tool, boxed components, secondary keys for internal tables, enhanced expression and string handling, locator and stream support for database tables, switch and enhancement framework, and many new workbench features. To top it all, you will also be given a sneak preview of some of the hot features currently under development for upcoming releases.

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Duration: 01:52:22

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