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Vertical Industry Standards for the Metal Industry

Industry Standards are the foundation for business process interoperability between SAP applications and other information systems. The metals industry follows vertical industry business practices as a key supplier to the automotive industry, the consumer products industry and the industrial machinery and components industry.
GCI (Global Commerce Initiative) is the single unifying force that brings manufacturers and retailers together to simplify and enhance global commerce and improve consumer value in the overall retail supply chain. It is a global user group and its charter is to drive the implementation of EAN-UCC standards & best practices.

In 2004 the Global Commerce Initiative initiated a work group and incorporated the existing GUSI (Global Upstream Supply Chain Initiative). Since then, GCI, GUSI, and GS1 designed a process model and supporting XML message standards for manufacturers of consumer product goods and suppliers of packaging, ingredients and raw materials. The goal of this model and message standards is to provide better integration of supply chain with lower cost and time consuming IT integration projects. The core product of the GUSI is the process model known as “Upstream Integration Model (UIM). This model defines a range of common business processes, technical standards, and information flow for different business scenarios. It provides a collaborative approach to both suppliers and the manufacturer-initiated ordering processes.
ISA-95 international standard defines the terminology and models used in the integration of business systems at the enterprise level with control systems at the plant floor level. The standard also defines a set of different operations that should be supported by intermediate Manufacturing Execution System (MES) systems.

SAP is committed to providing a solution that will increase the efficiency of manufacturing industry. Bringing in shop floor control information into performance metrics provides great value to customers. During 2004, SAP announced broader support of ISA-95, and a call for customers to join and participate the roadmap for the adoption of process industry standards. Since then, SAP has been working with customers & ISVs to provide supports for real time collaborative manufacturing operations.

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