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Transaction RZ20: Working with Monitors and Methods

The CCMS monitoring infrastructure, a solution within SAP NetWeaver, centrally monitors any IT environments - from individual systems through networked SAP NetWeaver solutions, to complex IT landscapes incorporating several hundred systems. In this section, you learn about the different functions of the Alert Monitor (transaction RZ20) - from creating your own rule-based monitors to using the predefined auto-reaction methods of the Alert Monitor.

For general information about monitoring, see Monitoring your SAP NetWeaver Components.

About Monitor Templates and Monitor Definitions

SAP Monitor Templates for SAP NetWeaver and Key Components of SAP Solutions (SDN Blog)

SAP NetWeaver provides a matured infrastructure for centrally monitoring SAP landscapes, using predefined monitors.

Creating a Rule-Based-Monitor (SAP Tutor)
This SAP tutor shows how to create a rule-based monitor within the CCMS monitoring infrastructure.

Editing Monitors and Monitor Sets (SAP Help Portal)

A monitor is a set of monitoring tree elements (MTEs) that are arranged in a hierarchical structure. These monitors are combined in monitor sets. You can create, copy, edit, and delete both monitors and monitor sets, and transport them into other systems. All of these processes are deliberately kept simple, so that the creation of a monitor or a monitor set is not only useful for setting up your own, specialized work center, but also as the central control position for concrete problems.

How to use the monitor set "SAP CCMS Technical Operation Templates" (SDN Blog)

The monitor set SAP CCMS Technical Operation Templates is designed for regular monitoring of your system landscape with the Alert Monitor (transaction RZ20). The monitors in this set contain a selection of the most important messages and performance values for both ABAP and Java systems.

Using Auto-Reaction Methods

Configuring the Sending of E-Mails as an Auto-Reaction (SAP Tutor)

The CCMS monitoring infrastructure allows you to define auto-reactions that are automatically executed when an alert occurs. If an alerts occurs in an MTE to which you have assigned this method, you are informed about it by e-mail, fax, or pager, even if you are not working in the Alert Monitor.

Central and Assigning Auto-Reactions in CCMS (SAP Tutor)

The monitoring Infrastructure allows to define auto-reactions, which are executed automatically in case of an alert. These methods can be executed locally and centrally. This tutorial describes the configuration of a local and a central auto-reaction method, exemplified at an automatic alert notification per e-mail.

Displaying the Information

BSP/ABAP HowTo: Read MTE Class values (SDN Blog)

Use RZ20? Don't like how it looks? Want to show the data your way? Then come on in and read all about it...Updated Link to SAP Doc, see end of weblog

PHP / HowTo: Your system status (RZ20) (SDN Blog)

Now that you have PHP installed what can you do with it? here's a quickie to help get you started...Updated Link to SAP Doc, see end of weblog.

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