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SAP Knowledge Warehouse

SAP's Solution for Documentation, Training Materials, and Manuals

SAP Knowledge Warehouse (KW) delivers the technical infrastructure you need to set up and manage your own enterprise-specific knowledge base in the areas of documentation, training, and manuals. SAP KW provides an information repository for companies of all sizes - including global multilingual companies - with facilities to model structures according to their corporate and market structure. Use SAP KW to adjust and create documentation, manuals and training materials of varying media. Tailor the materials to your specific business processes using the editors and office products your employees know.
The information concerning SAP KW can be divided in the following categories:


SAP Knowledge Warehouse Architecture 
Under this link, you find a description of the components that are part of the SAP KW architecture.

Platform Support and Maintenance Strategy

KW Release-Specific Information

KW Release

Support and Maintenance Information

SAP KW 7.0 and higher

As of KW 7.0 (based on SAP NetWeaver 04), KW has no own release cycle anymore. This means that KW supports the same platforms as the underlying SAP NW Release. Therefore, you find all necessary platform and support information on the corresponding SAP NetWeaver pages in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

Thus, as of KW 7.0, there are no longer specific maintenance dates, support cycle of the underlying SAP NetWeaver release.

SAP KW 5.2/6.0

Support for these KW releases ended before the end of support of the underlying basis releases:

KW 5.2: 31.12.2004
KW 6.0: 31.12.2005 (end mainstream support)

Restrictions of MS Office Versions

The following table shows important restrictions regarding the support of Microsoft Office / Visio versions and the notes where you find detailed information: 

MS Product Version

Corresponding Note

MS Office 2007

Not released together with SAP KW usage scenarios.

MS Office 2003/Visio 2003

For the support of MS Office 2003/Visio 2003 in the authoring and translation environment of SAP KW, see note 988912 (SMP login required).

Translation of MS Visio

For MS Visio File translation with the SAP KW Translator, see note 1066165 (SMP login required).


Under this link you find the configuration documentation valid for SAP KW 7.0 or higher. This information is specific for the SAP Knowledge Warehouse. The guides for the installation for the ABAP + JAVA stack, the content server and TREX instance can be found on the SAP Service Marketplace (alias /instguides).


You find the front-end patches for the SAP KW viewing, editing, authoring, and translation tools under this link (SMP login required). If you want to obtain more information about the corrections that are contained in a specific SAP Knowledge Warehouse add-on patch, see note 949953 (SMP login required).


SAP KW standard delivery contains SAP documentation as context-sensitive online application help as well as the quality management manual template (EN ISO 9000 and 14000 compliant). Optionally, you may obtain training materials (including course materials and instructor guides). For more information, see the SAP Knowledge Warehouse - Content Updates.

Additional Information

If you need additional information about the SAP Knowledge Warehouse, open a customer message via SAP Service Marketplace with component KM-KW.

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