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SAP on DB2 for z/OS: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I find information related to SAP on DB2 for z/OS ?

As entry point see our homepage.

Summary of SAP Documentation and Information contains a lot of SAP related information.
Summary of IBM Documentation contains a lot of IBM related information.
This page contains all articles that have been removed from the homepage .

Where do I find information on SAP products running on DB2 for z/OS ?

A new operating system version is released by the manufacturer (IBM, Microsoft, ...). Is it also released to run with SAP on DB2 for z/OS ?

All supported operating system versions (application server and DB server) are displayed in the PAM after certification.

What is the best location to get hold of DB2 Connect (CLI/JDBC drivers) as database connectivity to DB2 for z/OS?

All SAP customers (both OEM and non-OEM) should download the CLI and JDBC drivers from the SAP Service Marketplace. Customers that purchase DB2 Connect from IBM need to retrieve the DB2 Connect license from IBM though.

What is the regular cycle to certify new DB2 updates ?

New DB2 updates (PUT levels) are tested and certified every 3 months. After passing the tests (normally 6-8 weeks after the release by IBM) the tested level is declared as new recommendation in note 81737.

We purchased the license for DB2 Server & DB2 Connect from SAP . Where do I find information on the support processes ?

You can find a detailed description on this process in the Support of DB2 for z/OS OEM Customers article at the archive page.

We have an error in DB2 and a PMR at IBM is open for this. Where do I need to provide the documention for error analysis ?

See note 979159 for a detailed description.

We have a performance problem in DB2 and a PMR at IBM is open for this. Which documentation is required to analyze the problem and where do I need to provide the docs ?

See note 895159 for a detailed description how to gather the required data. To send the docs to IBM see note 979159.

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