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FAQ - Query Design

Queries or query components created using BEx Query Designer version 3.x and changed using BEx Query Designer 7.0 (using new features) can not be opened in the 3.x versions of BEx Query Designer anymore. Are there recommendations on how to deal with that situation?

See the following SAP Notes: SAP Note 962530 , How to restrict access to Query Designer, describes how to restrict access to NetWeaver BI 7.0 QueryDesigner to a few test users. SAP Note 949330, Query backup & restore, describes how to restore 3.x versions of queries and query component.

Is there a migration for queries? Does this change technical name/GUID?

No. There is no migration and there is no new GUID and there are no new objects in database tables. However, once you save the query with the NetWeaver 7.0 Query Designer you cannot edit it anymore with the 3.5 Query Designer.

In general the system logic allows you to still edit other 3.5 queries in the 3.5 Query Designer even if they are re-using elements of a query that has been edited with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BEx Query Designer as long as the reusable elements use no 7.0 features (such as planning settings, new aggregation on formulas, variables with multiple default values).

Please also check the NW 7.0 BI release notes and check SAP Note 832713.

Where can I find documentation on Customer-/SAP-Exits in SAP NetWeaver BI for variables?

Query Design: BEx Query Designer ->Defining New Queries ->Using Variables: The Variable Wizard and the Variable Editor, then paragraphs Variable Types and Overview of Variable Types and Processing Types (Column: Customer-Exit resp SAP-Exit).

Can we change the standard look & feel of a web query in NetWeaver BI 7.0?

Yes. You can change the Web template 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN. We recommend making a copy of the Web template. For more information, see the documentation on this topic in

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