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User Productivity - Overview

User Productivity is about simplified access to structured and unstructured information, enrichment of applications and access channels with standardized services, and enablement of user interface development, in both the Java and the ABAP stack through the use of integrated design and modeling tools.

User Productivity - Infrastructure

With the SAP NetWeaver User Productivity Infrastructure, technical users can build or extend existing applications to enable the end users with user-centric applications, which are integrated and connected to SAP backend and business logic.
The User Productivity infrastructure provides low total cost of development by offering several development environment (Eclipse-based NWDS, ABAP workbench, browser-based tools), programming languages (ABAP & Java) and modeling environment (Visual Composer, portal modeling), and ensure holistic lifecycle management and integration with additional SAP tools and systems.

Infrastructure Overview Presentation   

This presentation provides information and overview of SAP NetWeaver User Productivity infrastructure offering, strategy and roadmap.

Web Dynpro ABAP   

Web Dynpro for ABAP is SAP's new standard UI technology for developing user interfaces in the ABAP environment.

Web Dynpro Java   

Web Dynpro is SAP's standard UI technology for developing user interfaces. Find general information, links to downloads, articles, and blogs on the topic

Visual Composer   

SAP Visual Composer is a tool that is designed to enable business analysts to easily create applications.

SAP NetWeaver Portal Administration and Development   

With its role-based content, and personalization features, the portal enables users to focus exclusively on data relevant to daily decision-making processes.

SAP NetWeaver Folders Management   

Using SAP NetWeaver Folders Management to orchestrate processes in the SAP Business Suite, customers can simplify business user interaction with complex application data by relating these data in the way users think. SAP NetWeaver Folders Management allows for customers to build intuitive, structured views of diverse application data to boost business user productivity.

User Productivity - Services

With the User Productivity services, end users can enrich SAP business applications by incorporating and using value-adding capabilities that are provided by SAP and the ecosystem.

Services Overview Presentation   

This presentation provides information and overview of the NetWeaver UI services goals, capabilities and roadmaps.


The Theme Editor enables you change the style of common Portal stylesheet classes. You find also information about the Eclipse Theme Editor.

Collaboration in SAP NetWeaver Portal   

SAP NetWeaver allows communication and collaboration in the portal. SAP NetWeaver brings members of project groups together regardless of time and of their geographic location.

Look & Feel, Framework Pages and Portal Navigation   

The portal offers a comprehensive navigation environment for retrieving the information that you need to perform your business functions. The navigation experience is determined by factors such as the navigation type that has been defined and which navigation iViews are available to a specific role.


SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search is the product and TREX is the technology that enable secure search in your enterprise. Find overview information here.

Personalization in Web Dynpro ABAP Applications   

Running Web Dynpro applications provides a wide range of additional functionally for end-users and administrators. One of the most powerful mechanisms is the usage of the different flavors of personalization.


Find out more about cool widgets, the tools SAP provides, and useful information for your own widget development.

Help Center for Applications of the SAP Business Suite   

The Help Center enables companies to provide process-specific knowledge directly at users' workplaces. Shipped with the SAP NetWeaver platform, the Help Center is an integral part of SAP's Business Suite Foundation, the initiative to increase user productivity and to drive down companies' total cost of ownership.

User Productivity - Clients and Access Channels

With the SAP NetWeaver Clients, different users can choose from a broad set of access channels to connect to the same or different SAP backends and applications. These different access channels ensure that users choose a client that will be compatible with their preferred environment (e.g. portal, smart client, mobile and more) and requirements (fast, offline, zero foot print, etc).
The different clients can utilize the SAP NetWeaver User Productivity services and repositories and provide the end user, feature and application consistency through the multiple channels. This reusing leads to an overall IT benefit by reduced complexity and cost.

Clients Overview Presentation   

This presentation provides information and overview of SAP NetWeaver User Productivity clients offering, strategy and roadmap.

SAP NetWeaver Business Client   

SAP NetWeaver Business Client is a desktop client aimed at optimizing performance and user productivity. The SAP NetWeaver Business Client is a rich client that can access all of SAP's business applications offering a unified environment that renders multiple technologies including new Web Dynpro applications as well as classical Dynpros, BSP pages, analytic dashboards, web content, portal iViews, and so on.

SAP NetWeaver Portal Client   

SAP NetWeaver Portal Client is a standard browser based Web client serving as a single entry point to the different SAP applications and needs. This client offers different solutions to fit the specific organization needs and requirements (e.g. easy customization, navigation, intranet, extranet, etc.) .

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe   

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe is integrated into no less than six SAP development and run-time environments, which cover both stacks of SAP NetWeaver as well as mySAP ERP.


As an integrated component of SAP NetWeaver, Mobile leverages the overall platform benefits and allows your business to take advantage of existing infrastructure and business processes.

SAP GUI Family   

SAP GUI is SAP's universal client for accessing SAP functionality in SAP applications such as - SAP ERP, SAP Business Suite (SAP CRM, SAP SCM and SAP PLM), SAP Business Intelligence and so on. SAP GUI functions like a browser.

Enterprise Search   

SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search is a productized search solution providing unified, comprehensive and secure real-time access to enterprise data and information.

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