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KM General Concepts

This topic page comprises documents that provide an introduction to general knowledge management concepts and its architectural aspects.

Getting Started

Using Knowledge Management to Master Business Information 
This article summarizes the SAP Knowledge Management solution. The knowledge management capabilities of Portal convert unorganized, unstructured information into accessible knowledge.

Knowledge Management in Software Engineering 
Knowledge Management is an emerging discipline that promises to capitalize on organizations' intellectual capital. This document is produced by Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering Maryland and The University of Maryland.

KM in Medium-sized Software Consulting Companies 
This article introduces using knowledge management for software development, and the criteria for success, from a doctoral thesis.

SAP NetWeaver Search And Classification with Knowledge Management  
The knowledge management capabilities of SAP NetWeaver include an intelligent search engine with text mining as well as automatic classification. This technical brief give some details about it.

Collaboration: Global Teamwork Is Not an Oxymoron  
Companies no longer function out of single buildings. As businesses grow, so do their global presences, and that forces them to constantly re-evaluate their employee-to-employee communication — or collaboration — capabilities, especially when it comes to managing global projects. To address this challenge, SAP offers collaborative workspaces, working environments that allow individuals, teams, and project groups to collaborate across time zones and between locations. This recent SAP Insider article by Christian Stadler of SAP AG explains how.

More Information

How to Tune the Performance of Knowledge Management 
KM Product Management provides best practices, tips, and tricks for fine tuning the performance of your SAP NetWeaver 2004s KM installation in this important guide. Some of you will want to check out the NW 2004 version (PDF 116.6 KB) of the guide as well.

Guided Procedures Explorations:  Cross Pollination with KMC  
Richard Hirsch at Siemens has spent a lot of time with both SAP NetWeaver Collaboration and with Guided Procedures, and he sees some overlap. In this thoughtful blog, he sees the lessons he learned while developing Collaboration Rooms as a help in designing better guided procedures. This is cross-polination at its best.

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