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Getting Started with Records Management

Cases (or folders), File plans, Records, Documents, Business Object Relation Objects (BOR) are some of the main entities of the Content Management application. For all the objects, it is the business context or business processes which are the central points of reference for content management & not the content generated.This helps in better understanding of the relevance of content & subsequent search & retrieval. Check the SAP Library for further detailed help on generic configuration RM (SAP Library).

Service Provider Case:

Case, or folders, are entities in Records Management which help you to track and manage your business processes. It is possible to make changes to the list of processors during process execution to take care of the dynamic nature of the business process. For more information on Cases visit the SAP Library.

Service Provider Record:

Records  provide a structured view to all information objects generated in your business. With Records you have the flexibility to define the structure making it  possible to get an exact match to your business context. For more information on Records visit the SAP Library.

Service Provider File Plan:

File plans help to gain better access and control as well as disposal and retention of content.  They also provide a structured view to all information objects generated in your business. It is most used in the pre-configured solutions. For more information on File Plans visit the SAP Library.

Service Provider BusinessObjects Records (BOR):

The service provider for BusinessObjects can integrate business objects from all SAP application systems into Records Management. It is also possible to execute the functions for the BOs directly from the Records Management screens. For more information on BOR's visit the SAP Library.

Incoming Post:

Using the Incoming Porst process, you can enter incoming documents (e-mail, faxes, and scanned documents) electronically in the incoming post book and forward them to the responsible processor. For more information on Incoming Post visit the SAP Library.

Process Route:

The Process Route is based on SAP Business Workflow. Using this entity you can manage your process flexibly. It allows for dynamic addition and modification of steps as well as processors during execution of the process. For more information on Process Routes visit the SAP Library.


Using the Disposal process, you can transfer completed cases and documents that are no longer required to the central archive. Cases that do not have to be stored in the central archive can be deleted from the system once their retention period expires. For more information on Disposal visit the SAP Library.

Pre-Configured Solutions:

SAP Records Management provides solutions for generic use as well as some pre-configured solutions which comply with the following Records Management standards: DOMEA 1.2 (Germany), TNA (UK), DOD 5015.2 Version 3 (US) (planned). The pre-configured solutions have a built-in support for viewing and submitting records to external authorities  without any time-consuming record transports. The disposal and retention for records is made possible as per standards specified. The functions for processing requests and filing documents in records are fully integrated. The system also supports integration with any specific procedures of public administrations. Check out the SAP Library for detailed help on configuration of these pre-configured solutions.

Pre-configured solution for DOMEA 1.2:

SAP Records Management provides a pre-configured solution which complies with DOMEA 1.2 certificate.

Pre-configured solution for TNA 2002:

SAP Records Management provides a pre-configured solution which complies with TNA certificate. The solution supports additional TNA-specific user roles. It allows definition of access authorization for users and user groups. It also controls access authorizations for documents and folders according to security categories, authorization levels, and structural categories. For more information on TNA 2002 visit the SAP Library.

Pre-configured solution for DoD 5015.2-STD:

SAP Records Management has now also been certified as compliant with the US Department of Defense standard DoD 5015.2-STD version 2. SAP Records Management delivers the integrated business processes and records management best practices required by DoD agencies to deliver increased visibility and transparency across enterprise operations. The certification with version 3 is planned in near future.


  • Records Management (BC-SRV-SRM)
  • Case Management (BC-SRV-CM)
  • Records and Case Management (CA-GTF-RCM)
How to Setup a Simple Scenario Using SAP Records Management  
This document helps provide a basic understanding of how to work with Records Management using a Simple Scenario.
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