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SAP NetWeaver Mobile

How to Guides

This is a collection of How-to Guides that provide expert advice and tips and tricks on a broad range of topics and challenges.

Sometimes it is required to show data from a data source in the list, other than the underlying business object.

The UI Framework provides some additional help features for the end users of the Mobile Client Application.

The Auto Complete feature allows a user to fill in a few characters in a choice field and the actual value gets displayed in the control tabbing out.

Controls are user interface elements added to a title to enable a user to interact with a Mobile Client Application during runtime.

It is possible to import any kind of resource files into the Mobile Application Repository.

The UI library is designed to provide a generic API  to create and display runtime dialog windows with a number of additional features and services.

SAP Mobile Client Links (SML) point to a tileset in a specific data.It could be therefore compared with favorites, but favorites are user dependent while SML are not.

It is possible to hide Business Component container and Tileset container by using APIs of the UI Framework inside the UI application code.

This document contains a detailed description of the Environment Check Modeler Tool (ECMT) and Report Analyzer Tool (RAT). The document outlines the steps required to be followed to use this tool efficiently without encountering any errors

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