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Landscape Management Database (LMDB)


Centralization of Landscape Data Management

The LMDB is part of the SAP Solution Manager providing central access to all landscape data. LMDB was introduced with SAP Solution Manager 7.1.
The LMDB and its role in an SAP system landscape. The LMDB running on the SAP Solution Manager gets information on technical systems from the System Landscape Directory (SLD) and Diagnostic Agents (DAA, DAJ) allows the creation of landscape data, describing the dependencies between systems.Resulting product systems are verified. Landscape data is provided it to LMDB's client alpplications in SAP Solution Manager.
The LMDB allows creation of landscape data such as product systems based on technical system data retrieved from the SLD; landscape data describe the dependencies between technical systems. LMDB provides system and landscape information to applications using such data.
Main users of landscape data are those handling maintenance and monitoring applications based on the diagnostics framework:
    • Maintenance: Maintenance is based on product systems. These are handled in transaction SMSY and the Landscape Verification tool based on the Technical Systems data in the LMDB; both can be opened centrally from the LMDB. Most prominently, such data is used by the Maintenance Optimizer (MOpz).

  • Monitoring: Monitoring applications read LMDB data directly. The application range includes for example system monitoring to PI monitoring.

LMDB Information

The handling of the LMDB is described in one main document and in blogs and articles:


SCN Blogs

A complete view of technical systems' data you'll only get with SLD plus LMDB - see technical-system-data-delivered-by-sld-data-supplier-and-agents.
Having consistent and up-to-date software catalog data (aka CR CONTENT) in System Landscape Directory (SLD) and SAP Solution Manager Landscape Management Database (LMDB) is a prerequisite for correct description of the IT landscape – this blog gives an overview of the process and relevant notes.

...see title...

Evolution of Landscape Data Management – What’s better with LMDB?

Steps in development of the LMDB.

Evolution of Landscape Data Management – Part II: What’s better with LMDB in SAP Solution Manager 7.1, SPS10?

<a href=""><strong><em>Product System Editor</em></strong> in LMDB of SAP Solution Manager SP5</a>

Includes updates of the product system model.

Agent Data in the LMDB

How to connect agents collecting technical systems' details to the LMDB for monitoring purposes.

SLD-LMDB Topology – Connections, Valid, and Invalid Data Exchange Between SLD and LMDB of SAP Solution Manager

...see title...

New: Topology of SLD, LMDB, and Customer Profile – How to Get Reliable Landscape Data in SAP Support Portal as a Basis for Planning

Data for landscape descriptions are increasingly used in the SAP Support Portal; to learn about the topology recommendations, read this blog...

SLD and LMDB Topology: Replacing the Source SLD for the LMDB
How to change SLD/LMDB topology.

How to Ensure Your Landscape Data is Up-to-Data - House-Keeping in the LMDB

Together with house-cleaning in the SLD these procedures help you keep your landscape description in good quality.

Dual-Stack Split – How to Ensure Correct Technical System Data in SLD and LMDB after the Split

...see title...

LMDB Data - Use by Value-Added Resellers

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) are working with SAP’s customers providing services at several levels varying from incident management to offering system maintenance. VARs therefore need to handle landscape data of multiple customers. A blog describes how to best manage this effort and avoid errors when working in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Landscape Management Database (LMDB). For more informaion see How-To Handle Landscape Data as a Value-Added Reseller Using LMDB.

Additional Information

Additional information is available at the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP login required) and the SCN.

At the SAP Service Marketplace the material created for the ramp-up of the SAP Solution Manager 7.1 is available now. (Please make yourself familiar with the terms of use.)
> Open In the navigation area choose
    > SAP Solution Manager -> SAP Solution Manager 7.1
    > Setup and Operations
    > Choose teh SP your're interested in.

Landscape Descriptions
Links you to information on landscape data, the System Landscape Directory, Landscape Verification, and contains blogs on landscape data.

Maintenance Planning Guide

Explains how to provide data for maintenance with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 reflecting the improved process with LMDB Product System Editor.

This guide comprises recommendations on how to manage specific SAP products for which certain exceptions apply.

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