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FAQ - Excel Integration

Does the Excel Pre-calculation service for NetWeaver 7.0 also work for BW 3.5 BEx Analyzer or are they independent?

Yes, the new pre-calculation service will work for BW 3.5 BEx Analyzer and NetWeaver 7.0 BEx Analyzer.

Depending on the workbook version, the BW 3.5 or the NetWeaver 7.0 precalculation will start.

On the same operating system, can you operate both the BW 3.5 and NetWeaver 7.0 pre-calculation services?

No, but the new service does work for 3.5 systems. You should not install both the services on the same system. The NetWeaver 7.0 precalculation service will take care of the BW 3.5 workbooks as well.

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