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SAP Knowledge Warehouse - Content Updates

SAP KW standard delivery contains SAP documentation as context-sensitive online application help as well as the quality management manual template (EN ISO 9000 and 14000 compliant). Optionally, you may obtain training materials (including course materials and instructor guides). Please note: The latter are not available in all countries (in particular, not in the United States, Germany, and Switzerland).

General Information

If you need help with content updates, take a look at SAP note 1301360 (SMP login required) which contains all further information. This contains, among other things, advice on the installation and availability of the content updates. 
In addition, you will also find the appendices of all of the content overview lists, which were previously located on SAP Corporate Portal under This site will no longer be updated and will soon be deleted. 


The downloadable documentation can be divided into the following categories: 

Archived Letters and Lists Concerning Specific Content Updates (CUs) 01-35:

Transport Requests of the Quality Management Manual

Customer Information Letters

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