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Getting Started with SAP BW


SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) offers a complete solution for all enterprise data warehouse needs. It tightly integrates data warehousing capabilities on a comprehensive and scalable platform while leveraging best practices to enable the provisioning of all information needed to drive business intelligence predicated on a single version of the truth.


Live from the SAPinsider Studio: Dan Kearnan Moderates a Panel on SAP BW 7.4 on HANA Launch:

Dan Kearnan of SAP (far right) moderates a panel at SAPinsider's BI-HANA 2014 event on the launch of SAP NetWeaver BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA. Joining Kearnan are (from L to R) Lothar Henkes of SAP, John Appleby of Bluefin Solutions, and David Théroux-Bénoni and Pawel Mierski of Molson Coors. April 2014


Overview SAP BW 7.4 SP5 on SAP HANA and further Roadmap

SAP BW on SAP HANA continues to be the  cornerstone of SAP’s strategic vision for enterprise data warehousing providing organizations a solid data foundation to capture, store, transform and manage data in a scalable, enterprise-ready data warehouse. And as new challenges arise in the market (exploding data volumes, new data sources, the need for real-time information access, etc), SAP BW on HANA continues to evolve in order to meet the growing challenges imposed on IT by these ever changing market forces. The release of SAP BW running on SAP HANA is a great example of how SAP BW has evolved to ensure organizations continue to leverage  their investment in SAP BW to meet these new  challenge.

See this presentation to learn what SAP is doing next to evolve SAP BW on SAP HANA with  SAP BW 7.4., SP 5 on SAP HANA.

SAP EDW Positioning Check out this presentation that is positioning EDW based on the SAP Real-Time data platform

Scale Out - Best Practices Check out this l  comprehensive overview on the delta information for scale out implementations

The HANA EDW Read the  blog from Thomas Zurek about the HANA EDW

SAP HANA-Native Reporting on BW Data in SAP  BW powered by SAP HANA  – Positioning

An important part of the whole SAP BW powered by SAP HANA story is the option to create scenarios with interaction between data owned and modeled in SAP BW and data owned and modeled in native SAP HANA tools. These are what we call mixed scenarios. The interaction can take place in both directions, from SAP HANA to SAP BW and vice-versa, and there are options to physically move the data or to virtually expose it. Read more in this position by Klaus Nagel and Thomas Zurek

Demo - Failover Scenario SAP BW Powered by SAP HANA

This demo shows business continuity of SAP BW 7.3 powered by SAP HANA in a failover scenario. The technical demo shows the continuous operation of the BW application server when one of the HANA DB high availability nodes goes out of service (due to a hardware failure, etc.).


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