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e4s FAQs

What Does E4S Stand for?

Answer: A process-oriented way of working using enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, provides in-depth understanding of highly integrated business processes.(e = enterprise, 4 = for, s= school).

Is There a Similar Training to the E4S?

Answer: Yes for instance the e4s is also known as the erp4school in Germany.(E= Enterprise, R = Resource, P = Planning, 4 = For)

Which Institutions Are Eligible to Offer E4S?

Answer: Vocational schools, Technical Colleges, Business Schools, Universities of Technology and other institutions that are members of the University Alliances.

What is the Type of Student Targeted by the Curriculum Designers of E4S?

Answer: Any student enrolled at an institution that is a member of the University Alliances who wants to increase his/her chances of employment and would value obtaining the "Senior Certificate" upon completion of the training.

Will I Get a Certificate After Completing the E4S Training?

Answer: Yes, there is a special certification for all the candidates who succeed.

What is the Duration of the Course?

Answer: It could be three months, six months, depending on the number of classes the institution prepared schedule in the academic calendar.

How Much Will I Pay for the E4S Course?

Answer: 600r for the certification.

Can Students, Who are Graduating at an Institution While Participating in the Course and Taking the Examination, Take the Examination Even if He or She is not Enrolled at the Institution Anymore?

Answer:  Yes, students can take part in the course and examination under the University Alliances terms up to one month after the student have graduated or have been enrolled at the institution.

Which Requirements Must Be Fulfilled in Order to Be Able to Offer E4S?

Answer: At least 2 instructors at the institution have to be certified. The facilities must have sufficient capacity (approximately 25 PCs per study room). A functioning internet connection is also required in order to allow the course to be carried out without problems.

How and Where Do Instructors Get Their Certification?

Answer: Instructors are to participate in the erp4school trainings that will take place at the Academic Competence Centre, located at the Cape Peninsula University of technology. Trainings will also take place on a regular basis at different institutions. Information concerning the schedule of the erp4school will also be found an the UAC "Events" area.

How and Where Do I Register for the E4S Training / Certification?

Answer:  Please apply by using the e4s course application form (the course application includes order of course material). The appropriate link to e4s will be available on the e4s UAC website. Please announce your erp4school training requirements at least 2 months in advance.

How and Where Do I Apply for the Certification Test?

Answer:  Certification test will be done by SAP employees (proctors) at the respective university/school. For registration and co-ordination please SAP Education directly.

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