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Combining Upgrade and Unicode Conversion


When you are upgrading your system to SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and your system is non-Unicode, you will be asked during PREPARE if you want to convert to Unicode or not. In case you have an MDMP configuration, you must convert to Unicode because NW 7.0 and higher (including all EhP) does not support MDMP.

In short: You can perform Upgrade and Unicode Conversion as one single project. This procedure is called 'Combined Upgrade & Unicode Conversion (CU&UC)' and it is supported for source release R/3 4.6C, Web AS 6.20, NW 2004. The target release MUST be NW 7.0 or higher. It is not possible to execute CU&UC to Web AS 6.20, for example. For details, read the Combined Upgrade & Unicode Conversion Guide.

For systems on releases lower than R/3 4.6C CU&UC is not available. You can use a different procedure instead, which is called 'Twin Upgrade & Unicode Conversion (TU&UC)'. TU&UC is release-independent and therefore available also for upgrades to other target releases. For details, read the Documentation and Troubleshooting. The CU&UC presentations in the right page section provide information about TU&UC as well.

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